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How I bought a foreclosure house at 21 1
I have been writing on this blog for a while and I figured it was time for a personal story.  The title makes it seem more impressive that I think it actually is.  This is the how I bought a foreclosed house at 21. I figured if I was going […]

How I Bought a Foreclosed House at 21

How to Save Money on Groceries without Coupons
Is your grocery budget out of control?  Do you want to know how to save money on groceries without coupons? No worries.  I got some awesome tips that will save you some money without investing tons of time.  A few of the tips might even save you time as well. […]

How to Save Money on Groceries without Coupons

Guide to Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps 2
If you are just beginning the journey of freedom from debt, you have no doubt heard of Dave Ramsey.  He is the resident expert in escaping from debt.  This is a guide to Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. The Baby Steps are a step by step plan for becoming debt free. […]

Guide to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

Do Bloggers Really Make Money 1
Do bloggers really make money from their blogs?  According to Pinterest, they certainly do. A quick Pinterest search for the terms “money” + “blog” and you are inundated with the ads. How I Make 15,000 per month on my blog! You can make $3000 a month as a Stay at […]

Do Bloggers Really Make Money? – The Experiment

Would you like to know how to save 50% off the purchase of your home? Sounds Crazy, doesn’t it? Like I am running some kind of scam? It has nothing to do with me at all.  I am simply relaying a potentially VERY valuable piece of information. Have you ever […]

How to Save 50% on Home Purchase

30 weird but effective ways to save money blog graphic 9
Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  If you choose to buy something through one of our links we will get a few pennies to put in our pickle jar. The Concept of More When you are wanting to learn to save money the only thing you really need to know […]

30 Weird but Effective Ways to Save Money

How to make diy homemade laundry detergent blog graphic 3
Have you seen the prices on laundry detergent lately?  Ridiculous!  If you have never made your own, it is something you should definitely give a try.  Roll up your sleeves, get out the grater, and find a container. It’s time to learn to make your own DIY homemade laundry detergent. […]

How to Make DIY Homemade Dry Laundry Detergent

How to get a huge discount on your at&t cell phone bill
We all love our iPhones.  I’m not sure how I could function without mine.  But the monthly bills are ridiculous.  I am going to show you a super simple method to get a HUGE discount on your AT&T cell phone bill. Do you qualify for a discount on your cell […]

How to get a HUGE discount on your AT&T Cell ...

How to increase your income with a blogging side hustle 1
Do you want to increase your income with a blogging side hustle?  Excited to get started but overwhelmed by all the “experts” with different advice?  Do you wonder if there is actually money to be made in the blogosphere? I wondered the same thing so I decided to jump in […]

How to Increase your Income with a Blogging Side Hustle

How to Use Coinstar to Jump Start Savings 1
If you have found your way onto my site, you probably have at least some interest in learning how to save money and decrease debt.  I recently had an experience that I wanted to share with you all recently using the Coinstar machine to help jump start my savings. Hopefully […]

How to Use CoinStar to Jump Start your Savings