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Project 333
In my quest to simplify my life, I have decided to take part in the Project 333 Challenge. This is one of the challenges I will take on and report to you in 2017.   What is Project 333? Project 333 is a program that was created in 2010 by […]

Project 333 Challenge

Challenge Yourself
I know all these bloggers are writing their “Year in Review” posts but I am skipping that trend.   For starters, I only started blogging in October so I don’t have very much to review.  But mostly, I am looking forward instead of backward.  I have decided to make 2017 […]

2017 – My Challenge Year

December 2016 Income Report
Welcome to my blog income report month #2 for December 2016. First up…..the question I always get……why? Why are you posting your numbers? Do your numbers matter to us? Why should we care? Excellent question.  Here are the answers. This post may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase something through […]

Blog Income Report Month #2 – December 2016

How to make Money by Losing Weight
Would you like to learn how to make money by losing weight?  Did you even know it was possible? As we approach the end of the year and begin to think about resolutions, if you are like many people, improving your health is at the top of your list. This […]

How to Make Money by Losing Weight

FrugalWoods Uber Frugal Challenge
Are you up for a challenge? FrugalWoods (one of my favorite bloggers) has thrown down the gauntlet and issued the Uber Frugal Challenge to her readers. Join the Uber Frugal Challenge This couple from Vermont save a whopping 72% of their income. If you want to reset your spending habits […]

Are You Ready for the Uber Frugal Challenge?

Make an Extra 1000 this Month with a New Side Hustle 2
Do you need some extra money? Duh, who doesn’t?  I know I do. This list of side hustles features 57 ideas to help you increase your earning. This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through our link, we may get a few pennies for our pickle jar. […]

Make an Extra $1000 this month with a New Side ...

My First Blog Report November 2016 2
It is time to post the numbers.  Time for our very first income report for November 2016. Time for some brutal honesty.  Not trying to sell you a plan or a program showing you how to make a million with your blog.  Just laying it all out on the line. […]

First Monthly Income Report – November 2016