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Welcome to my blog income report month #2 for December 2016. First up…..the question I always get……why? Why are you posting your numbers? Do your numbers matter to us? Why should we care? Excellent question.  Here are the answers. This post may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase something through […]

Blog Income & Traffic Report – January 2017

Frugal Fails & Frugal Finds Graphic 5
Not all money-saving adventures work out the way we plan.  This post is my admission of some of my best frugal fails & frugal finds. It’s happened to all of us.  We get all excited about a new idea or plan.  We jump in head first.  And our idea bombs. […]

Frugal Fails & Frugal Finds

$40 Challenge Week 1
It’s time for the first update to the $40 Challenge. Thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk and his #2017FlipChallange, I have an end goal to attempt to reach.  Gary V challenged all his listeners to flip items and make $20,170 this year. Thanks, Gary! By the way, this post may contain affiliate […]

$40 Challenge Week One Update – Progress

Oh, my!  What have I gotten myself into with the $40 challenge? It was an interesting weekend, to say the least.   $40 Challenge Begins I wrote about my thoughts for this challenge on my challenge year post. To break it down for you, my mom gave me a $40 […]

The $40 Challenge Begins in the Thrift Store