FrugalWoods Uber Frugal Challenge
Are you up for a challenge? FrugalWoods (one of my favorite bloggers) has thrown down the gauntlet and issued the Uber Frugal Challenge to her readers. Join the Uber Frugal Challenge This couple from Vermont save a whopping 72% of their income. If you want to reset your spending habits […]

Are You Ready for the Uber Frugal Challenge?

Guide to Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps 2
If you are just beginning the journey of freedom from debt, you have no doubt heard of Dave Ramsey.  He is the resident expert in escaping from debt.  This is a guide to Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. The Baby Steps are a step by step plan for becoming debt free. […]

Guide to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

5 Steps to recover from a financial setback
  How do you recover from a financial setback? 5 Steps to help you get back on your feet It has happened to all of us.  We are in the groove.  Our budget is finally perfect. We are working towards our clearly defined goals and making great headway and then…… […]

5 steps to recover from a financial setback

5 Money Myths Explained Blog Graphic
5 Money Myths Explained   If you are interested in money or financial issues, it doesn’t take long for you to find that there are many myths concerning how money affects people and the world around us.  In this episode, we attempt to debunk 5 of these myths and explain […]

5 Money Myths Explained