How to get a huge discount on your at&t cell phone bill

How to get a HUGE discount on your AT&T Cell Phone Bill

We all love our iPhones.  I’m not sure how I could function without mine.  But the monthly bills are ridiculous.  I am going to show you a super simple method to get a HUGE discount on your AT&T cell phone bill.

How to get a huge discount on your at&t cell phone bill

Do you qualify for a discount on your cell phone?

No Phone Calls

You don’t even have to call and threaten to cancel your service.  Although that is a fabulous way to get a discount.  I’m sure I’ll recommend for something later.

This is even easier.

All it takes is a few clicks of the keyboard.  You can even do it on your iPhone.

There is a little known and rarely mentioned discount program that is actually available through AT&T.  It is available for students and employees of certain companies.

I get 15% off my bill every month with this program so I know it works.

How to get a huge discount on your at&t cell phone bill

All You Need is an Email Address

All you have to do to see if you qualify is go to the website HERE. Or if your weird about clicking on links, just Google “AT&T Discount Program”.  There is a tab that allows you to check to see if you qualify for a discount.

If you don’t qualify based on your employer, don’t give up.  Think outside the box.  The discounts are based on your email address.  Do you have a school email?  Maybe you have a edu email?  Or even a government email?

Any of these will get you a discount.  The larger your organization, the larger the discount.

Keep your Money

Just think, at my 15% discount.  If my bill is $200.00 per month, I will save $30.00 each month.  That is $360.00 a year that could go toward paying of debt, saving, or investing.  Why would you pay that if you don’t have to?

Looking for More

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This is just the tip of the iceberg on ways you can save money.  If you want more tips, be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  I regularly post updates there that never make it here.

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