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5 Money Myths Explained

5 Money Myths Explained


If you are interested in money or financial issues, it doesn’t take long for you to find that there are many myths concerning how money affects people and the world around us.  In this episode, we attempt to debunk 5 of these myths and explain the roots of each myth.


5 Money Myths Explained Blog Graphic

Myths we discuss are:

1. People that spend a lot of money must have a lot of money to spend.

2. If you buy from thrift stores when you don’t need to, you are stealing from the poor.

3. You must make debt to get good credit.

4. Life is boring if you are saving all your money.

5. I can’t save money because I don’t make very much at my job.



Each of these ideas for these myths are rooted in some type of truth.  It seems that some people have interesting ideas about why others do things.  They often do not understand certain aspects so they believe the myths.  As we dig deeper into where these myths come from, it will help us to understand where the truth lies.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley




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Susan is an Early Childhood educator who is passionate about personal finance. She is slightly addicted to eBay. She is an avid thrift store shopper who hopes to "retire" by 50.

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