Project 333

Project 333 Challenge

In my quest to simplify my life, I have decided to take part in the Project 333 Challenge.

This is one of the challenges I will take on and report to you in 2017.


What is Project 333?

Project 333 is a program that was created in 2010 by Courtney over at Be More With Less.

It is a minimalist fashion challenge in which you dress with ONLY 33 items for a period of 3 months.

There are certain rules but they aren’t hard and fast rules.

The idea is to get you to think about what you are wearing and make certain that they pieces of clothing you choose to own are high quality and interchangeable.


Why Am I Doing This?

My goal for 2017 is to simplify my life.  This applies specifically to my household.

My long term goal is to reach financial independence and be able to retire in 9 years.

I am taking small bites from the elephant in order to reach my goal.

One of the small goals is to simplify my life so that it will require a smaller financial amount to support my lifestyle.

The more simple my lifestyle, the less money required to support it.  Thus, the faster I reach financial independence.

Simplifying my wardrobe is just one step on the way to the ultimate goal.


I Thought it Would be Easy

Let me be honest.

I am not a person who is at all concerned with fashion.

If my clothes are clean and somewhat match, I’m good.

I really thought that the process of paring down my closet to 33 items would be fairly simple for me.

No Problem

I stood back and looked in my closet and thought, “Well, once I take out all the Summer clothes, I probably don’t have much more than 33 pieces.”

Yeah.  Not!

Here are the before pictures of my closet.

This was the beginning picture.  No big deal, right?

Not right.

Once I got everything pulled out and put on the bed, this is what it looked like.



Did it take your breath?

It sure did mine.

I Need a Break

Yep, had to take a few minutes and walk away.

After, some deep breathing into a paper bag, I worked up my nerve and came back into the room.

Maybe this is going to be harder than I thought.

After really giving some thought to what was in my pile and my lifestyle, along with this being my first jump into the capsule wardrobe world, I decided to make some adaptations to the rules.

Project 333 has some basic rules but they are open for modifications to one’s own life.

My Rules

  • Because my “home” style is very different from my “work” style, I decided that my capsule wardrobe would be primarily for work clothing.
  • My “school” t-shirts count as one.  I basically have these in every color plus several of the school colors, as most teachers do.
  • Footwear or outerwear did not count in the 33 items.


The Capsule Wardrobe

I live in Georgia so our temperature doesn’t get extremely cold.  I also work inside and I am always hot so that affected my choices somewhat.

This is what I ended up with:


  • 2 jeans
  • 2 jeggings
  • 1 trouser
  • 1 khaki
  • 2 leggings
  • 2 printed pants


  • 5 tanks
  • 6 sweater/camis (1 that I couldn’t figure out what to do with, set aside in back of closet)
  • 10 tops
  • work tees
  • 1 jean jacket

Total of 33 items.

There was the one sweater that I didn’t count.  I couldn’t quite figure it out.  It is a nice sweater but it didn’t really fit with anything else.  However, I couldn’t get rid of it just yet.

I do see the possibility of switching some items out.  I am finding that I prefer the thickness of jeggings over leggings.

If I do make changes, those will be switches rather than additions.

Here were my ending pictures.

Or maybe I should call them beginning pictures.  IDK


The Take Away

I ended up throwing out several stained tee shirts.

There was a massive box for donating.

2 small boxes went to storage for Summer, including shoes.

I have about 5 or 6 items to sell.  Items that I paid up for but weren’t my style and I never wore them.  Off to eBay and the profits will go to my FI account.


The Plan

I plan to post my daily outfits on Instagram, so follow me to see the experiment unfold.

I will also post those pictures on the blog each week.

This is only one of my challenges for 2017.

If you want to see all the challenges, check them out here.

What do You Think?

Have you tried Project 333 or another capsule wardrobe challenge?  How did it work for you?

Share your experience in the comments.

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Susan is an Early Childhood educator who is passionate about personal finance. She is slightly addicted to eBay. She is an avid thrift store shopper who hopes to "retire" by 50.

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