SAve money on electricity by automating hot water usage

Save Money on Your Electricity Bills by Automating Hot Water Usage 1

Are your electricity bills totally out of control?  I understand.  We had the same problem in my house.  By doing some research I stumbled upon a couple of great tools to help cut the usage of electricity by our hot water heater.  These can help lower your costs and save money if your water heater is electric or gas.  And a penny saved is a penny to invest.  If you are ready to save on electricity bills, follow these simple steps.

How to Save Money on Electricity

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How to save money on your electricity bills?

Let me show you how this works.  You will need to invest a bit of money to get this up and running but the payoff will start to show in the very first month of use and continue for as long as you keep the products installed.  The first thing you will need is by far the most important and that is a timer for your water heater.

Highest Saving Option

We know that we are all creatures of habit.  We normally do the same things at about the same time every day and our schedules vary very little.  This timer uses our habits to save us money.  It will require a bit of electrical know how to install but it is pretty simple with the instructions included in the timer.

You can get a manual timer like this one

which costs around $45.00 or you can get a more advanced electronic one like this

which is a bit easier to understand if you are from the digital era but costs a bit more at around $95.00.  While these may look complicated and intimidating they are really easy to use.  All you have to do is set up the times and days you will be using hot water.  For example, you can have the hot water turned off through the night while you are asleep and through the day while you are at work when it will not be used.  You can also set it up to be on through the daytime hours on the weekend when you are home but off through the daytime hours while you are not.

This dramatically lowers the time that the hot water heater is kicking on thus lowering energy/or gas usage.  And the really cool things is that you can make changes anytime you need.

Cheaper Alternative

Another way in which we were able to lower our energy costs was to buy a hot water heater blanket.  This is especially useful if your hot water heater is in a colder area of your home like the basement or carport.  These are more affordable as you can normally find them for around $20.00.  Here is an example on Amazon:


These quite easy to install as they basically just wrap around the water heater like a blanket.  You will see a lowering in your energy/gas costs with this but not as dramatic a decrease as with the timer.

Do them both

I understand the fear of spending money on something without knowing if it will pay of in the long run.  However, these products do what they are designed to do.  It may take a bit of time to recoup the money you spend out on the products but the savings will continue long after your initial investment is paid for and will continue for long after.

For maximum savings, I highly recommend getting both items.  We personally chose the manual timer because if looked like there was less that could tear up on it.  Electronic stuff tends to die a bit quicker so unless you just want that I would recommend going with the manual time.

For the Ultimate Frugal Folks

Ok, I’m cheap so I get the desire not to spend anything.  My mind works the same way so for the really frugal folks that don’t want to spend anything to save some here is another tip.  Instead of buying the fancy blanket just go into your linen closet and find an old blanket and grab a roll of duct tape.  Duct tape really can fix anything.  It may not look as good but since it is out of sight who really cares and it should serve the same purpose.  All we are really trying to do is help insulate the water heater to prevent loss of heat.  Sorry, I can’t offer anything to replace the timer.

Have you used these methods?  Did you see savings?  Do you have other tips for saving money on your electric or gas bills?  Leave a comment below and share your knowledge with other frugal folks just like you.


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