You Have to Take the Bad with the Good – eBay Hits and Misses

This weekend was fairly decent as far as profit.  I only had a few sales due to my limited listing in the last week.  My listing drops off during Back to School because I am so busy preparing my classroom.

Even with the limited listing, I did make a few good sales.

HOWEVER, with those good sales, I had a big return.  The JVC digital camcorder that I showed you last week is being returned.

The buyer said it records fine but there is no sound.  Hmm, I did test it fully and there were no issues when I tested it.  I am in no way saying the buyer is being dishonest.  The Postal Service is not known for the lightest touch on handling items.  Although it was packed well, there is always the possibility that something broke loose on the inside.  That is a chance you take when shipping electronics.

It is currently on the way back to me.  I will fully refund the buyer and test the item again.  If there is a problem with it, I will either sell “as is for parts” or just part out all the accessories.  Either way, I will not lose money as I only had $5.00 in it.

Along with that return, I do have a few good sales to report.

The first is a Starbucks Collector’s mug.  This one is Alaska and was the very first in the series, making it worth more.  I purchased it for $1.00 at a local thrift.  I had it listed for $120.00 but took a best offer of $100.00.


My next big sale was a vintage Radio Shack push button desk telephone.  It did work but I believe it is going to a prop house.  If you see the phone on a television show, please let me know.  LOL

Sold for $59.99, purchase less than a month ago for $0.50.


All my other sales were just bread and butter.  Nothing too great.  Have you had any good sales?  Share them in the comments.


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Susan is an Early Childhood educator who is passionate about personal finance. She is slightly addicted to eBay. She is an avid thrift store shopper who hopes to "retire" by 50.

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