Weird Stuff that Sells on eBay

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We have all seen the news stories about the toast that had Jesus’ face on it selling for thousands on eBay.  But there is a lot of weird stuff that sells on eBay.  Not just the insanely weird but the stuff we all have access to in our own homes that we could be making money selling rather than throwing away.

eBay is an online shopping platform that allows people to buy and sell a variety of items worldwide.  As of the writing of this post, there were over 165 million eBay users.

With this number of people buying and selling, there is no wonder there are some strange items to be found.  However, this post is more about items that can be found in the average American household which can be sold for a profit on eBay.  Many of which were probably headed for the garbage or recycling bin.

Instead of throwing these items away, snap a few pictures on your iPhone and make a few dollars off of them.


In Your Closet


Individual Shoes/Boots

Do you have a shoe without a match?  A pair of shoes with one overly worn and the other in great condition?  Sell one shoe.

There is an awesome reseller named Nicole State who shops at the Goodwill Outlet.  She purchased a pair of boots.  Well, at least she thought she did.  Once she got home, she realized that she had somehow made it home with only one boot.  Rather than see it as a loss, she made up a fantastic listing about being a pirate and how she was selling her boot.  She SOLD it!  Even amputees need awesome boots. I mean boot.

Sweaters with Holes

Have you ever gone to your closet to get your favorite wool sweater and see a moth hole?  What do you do with that holey sweater?

Would you believe that you can sell it for decent money?  Crafters will buy damaged wool and cashmere sweaters to use to make all sorts of things.  If you can get a few, sell them in a lot for even more because it saves the buyer on shippings costs.

Well Worn Shoes/Socks

Please, please if you are going to research this one make sure there are no kids around.

Let me preface this by saying this is an item that is for a fetish crowd.  However, those with a following can fetch some serious money.

I won’t go in to further detail.  If you are interested, I’ll let you do the research yourself.  If you choose to look, make sure you use the term “well worn” as that is the key term.

Plastic/Metal Coat Hangers

As crazy as it sounds with the amount of them in most homes, even clothes hangers will sell on eBay.

While the higher quality wood hangers bring more, even the cheap plastic and metal hangers will sell.  A recently sold listing for 25 metal hangers sold for $9.00.


In the Bathroom

 Altoid Tins

Another one of those odd things that only people in certain arenas would know about.  Many people who are into the geocache fad use these tins to store the treasures they hide.

Crafters also use these tins for various purposes.

Unused Toiletries

Vintage toiletries such as sanitary pads, bladder control pads, diapers, and tampons are big sellers on eBay.  Of course, unused.  That should go without saying but you never know so I said it.  UNUSED

Toilet Paper Rolls

Crafters use empty toilet paper rolls as well as empty paper towel rolls for various crafts.  If you have room in the title, you might include the word “teacher” as well.

Dryer Lint

I assume that people use dryer lint as fire starters.  Perhaps people who are into camping as such.  Either way, it sells so don’t throw it away.

Empty Pill Bottles

People use empty pill bottles for storing craft supplies as well as in the garage for storing items such as screws.  The labels need to be removed prior to selling.

False Teeth

I have no idea what people use these for but I am hoping it has something to do with Halloween.



In the Kitchen


Box Tops

Those little squares on the edges of boxes and prepackaged food inside your kitchen can fetch some decent money online.

Never underestimate the amount a mother is willing to pay in order to look good in front of the PTA moms for bringing in the most Box Tops for the school.


Coupons do have the face value but you will not get the full face value on eBay.  If you have coupons you are not going to use, lot them up and sell them.  Multiple copies of the same coupon sell for more than mixed lots.  However, any money is more than you would have if you just threw them into the recycling bin.

Baby Food Jars

Empty baby food jars are in high demand, especially for crafters and teachers.  If they don’t have babies, they will turn to eBay.  Don’t throw money in the garbage, list it on eBay.

Broken Egg Shells

Can you believe someone would buy these?  They do.  By the pound.  Higher prices come from organic because they have more calcium.

Bottle Caps

Bottles caps from your soda, beer, or other beverage can bring in some money.  Coke caps, Snapple, and beer are some that are easiest to sell in lots.

Wish Bones

Wish bones from chickens and turkeys.  Don’t throw them away.  Wash them and throw them online instead.

McDonald’s Monopoly Game Pieces

Many people play this game religiously.  With the game pieces being totally free, if you aren’t participating, sell those bad boys.  Make sure you blur out the codes before listing so unscrupulous people can’t swipe the codes and use online.

Taco Bell Sauce Packets

Some Taco Bell sauce packets sell for big bucks.  The green Sals Verde packets that are discontinued sell well.  If you are lucky enough to find a packet with a misprint, you can really rake in the dough.

Big Mac Sauce

McDonald’s Big Mac sauce is only offered in bottles at certain times.  If you can pick up a few bottles, you are in for a nice little payday.

Empty Liquor Bottles

Crafters use empty liquor bottles for various things.  If you can find vintage or unique bottles, you may even have a collector market.

Broken Plates

Crafters use broken plates for mosaics.  The brighter, more interesting the pattern the better it will sell.

Egg Cartons

Homesteaders love to buy empty egg cartons because they use them to sell their eggs.  If you have organic egg cartons, they will move faster.

Wine Corks

Wine corks sell to both crafters and teacher for experiments.  Make sure to include those words in your title to draw extra interest.

Empty Capri Sun Packets

Crafters and sewers use empty Capri Sun packets to make awesome purses and clothing such as coats.  Think I’m crazy?  Take a look over at Etsy.

Soda Tabs

Crafters and teens use soda tabs for jewelry making.  Super cute stuff!



From the Yard



If your yard is full of them you probably don’t understand why anyone would pay for acorns.  However, if you market to the Pinterest crafting world, you can sell them quickly.  Package by the pound or count out by the hundreds.  Make sure to mail in a box to prevent crushing.

Pine Cones

Again, these will be for a crafting crowd.  It seems that the larger ones sell better.  Be sure to include measurements.  If you know the type of tree they are from, be sure to include that in your title as well as the state.


If you have purchased pecans in the grocery store, I’m sure you can understand why they sell online.  See these by the pound and package them in boxes.  Good money to be made from something that just falls from the trees.

Sea Shells

If you live near the beach, don’t overlook the value of plain old sea shells.  Lots of people don’t have access to these and want them for decoration or crafting.

Drift Wood

Another item found near the beach is drift wood.  The larger and more interesting pieces fetch more money.  Think outside the box.  Just because something is local to your area doesn’t mean other people aren’t looking for it.

Wasp Hornets Nest

Wasp and hornets nests are popular in many circles.  Teachers love them for their classrooms.  Men enjoy having them in their man caves.  Taxidermists display them in their shops.

Make sure to provide the location such as a state in which the nest was found.  Size matters so be sure to measure and provide plenty of pictures.


Crafters and designers love feathers.  If you have a parrot, macaw, or pheasant you have a built in supply source.  Just a few tail feathers can sell for big bucks.


People use mushrooms for crafting, decoration, and some herbal remedies.  If you can learn the actual names, you will sell for more.


A decorators paradise.  If you are surrounded by them you can kill two birds with one stone.  Get rid of them and make some money at the same time.

Beach Glass

Chalk yet another one up for crafters and decorators.  If they don’t have access to these materials in their local area, they will gladly pay for the items they need.


I realize this one sounds crazy but if you are in an area that has interesting or highly sought after rocks and materials, there is money to be made.  I highly recommend shipping these in a flat rate box as the shipping costs could hurt your bottom line.

Animals Skulls & Bones

Those decorators love old skulls and bones.  Even old/bad taxidermy can bring in some big dollars.

Deer Antlers

Plenty of people are into the South Western motif, may as well help them get what they need and pad your pockets at the same time.

Owl Pellets

I know I seem totally out of my mind on this one.  Teachers buy owl pellets to use for science projects.  There may be other uses for them but I’m gonna stick with the science experiment explanation.





Losing Lottery Tickets

Don’t throw those losing scratch-off tickets in the garbage.  Lottery tickets sell.  Scrapbookers love scratch off lottery tickets.

Empty Gift Boxes

Boxes from higher end stores can sell very well.  Stores such as Pandora, Victoria’s Secret, etc.

Empty Electronic Boxes

Empty electronic boxes for items such as cell phones and video gaming systems are decent sellers online.  Especially in the vintage video game area.

Empty Printer Cartridges

Companies, as well as people, buy empty printer cartridges to refill.  Some use for personal use and some resell the refilled cartridges as refurbished.


This list is by no means all encompassing but I hope it provides some food for thought.  Many things that are plentiful in your area may be very rare in other areas.  Be on the lookout for those items and just research sold listing to see if they are worth your time and effort.

Have you ever sold something that other people might not think of?  Share with us in the comments.

If you are interested in learning what other items can be sold on eBay, I regularly post some of my more interesting sales over on the recent sales tab.





















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